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NEW - September 2016

You can add an 'application' to your smartphone or tablet that will bring you directly to this SportsCentral SmugMug page. You can do so for the main page, for individual sports, or even individual games if you like. 

Below are the links you can use to do so with the main page or the individual sports. If you'd like to do the same with anything else, let me know and I can help you out (single game for example). 

Now, if you'd like to look at this SmugMug site you can just click on the application you've added to your phone without needing to open a browser, remember the address, etc. 

Open any of the following addresses in the browser on your Smartphone or tablet. Then you should be presented with instructions near the top saying "to install" followed by a couple steps for your specific device. Follow those steps, then you'll see an icon on your phone (or tablet) that brings you right to this page.

For example, if you enter the address for Varsity Football you will go through these steps one time. After that, you will have an icon on your phone 'desktop' that you can use to launch going forward. You'll never have to use the addresses again. 

You can set up multiple if you'd like, which will result in multiple different icons for you to launch from your device. So you can set one up for Varsity softball, one for Varsity volleyball, etc. Then by launching each app, you'll go straight to that sport. 

Everything on the page doesn't display optimally on a phone, but it still gives you a quick way to access the pictures if you like from your mobile devices.

See sample screenshots for setup at the bottom of page for both Android and iPhone (these are not taken of my page specifically). 

If you have any issues or questions, let me know and I'll try to help. 

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Central Football - varsity:

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Cologne Hollanders:

Android - enter address from above

Android - select add to homescreen

Android - name app

iPhone - enter address from above

iPhone - select add to homescreen

iPhone - name app