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Scott Helland

Welcome to SportsCentral. Whether a parent, Central fan or just a sports fan in general I hope you enjoy the content.

I work in IT as a profession in the Twin Cities, and photography is 'just' a hobby. I have always been a huge sports fan, and going back many years always loved trying to catch the action on camera - even on a point-and-shoot from the nosebleed seats at professional/college games.

When my son started playing sports, I started taking a lot more pictures. In late 2009, we upgraded to the world of D-SLR and the sickness took off from there. :) 

I love attending local sporting events, and over the years have grown to enjoy sharing the results of my view through a lens with others. I thank many of you for the compliments over the years, but I strive to keep getting better. Shooting sports can be nearly as rewarding as playing it when getting that magic shot, and just as disappointing when a ref or player steps in front of the 'million dollar' moment (see my Facebook 'blocked' album: https://www.facebook.com/).

Not only am I always striving to improve the technical quality of my photographs, but the content of them as well. I shoot the action that comes near me, and I keep what turns out. But I am also learning to be in better positions to anticipate and capture those great action moments. Moral of the story: enjoy the pictures, and bare with me as I continue to improve my own skills.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

email: sportscentralmn@gmail.com